I m not Sumathi !

Today i started my morning with the Blog about Personal Brand and Ego relationship. The Brand Name Sumathi is created by more other people and lesser by me. Everyone hesitate to create their personal brand as they feel if its hurts their in some case if its goes negative Actually the Sumathi is not me its my EGO which created a myth in everyone's life .

Like who my family is having certain view and imagination about Sumathi. Friends are having certain image and feeling about my ego, neighbor , relative, colleague and boss everyone have their imagination about sumathi. But what is actually sumathi is myth, which created by EGO.

Tomorrow if i change name to swathi, then the image mite go. Many people thinking they are not doing any personal brand, but actually who ever having the image , name and account in Facebook actually are doing personal brand. Many people are hesitate to accept that because of ego issue. Even changing them self from one version to other version also having the ego issue.

In our body every year the cells are exchanged and its not carrying previous cells. But we are always carry our identity called ego and hesitate to change.
when you are so attach to your current view then changing will become difficult. We have to accept 100% yourself that change is nu changeable in everyone life.
Many people not appreciate changes on people because they are comfortable with that person image. Accepting the new changes is always human had challenge.
If you take animals , do they carry the image of their past and future. They always live in the present. Not think about future or past which human carry on their shoulder as a EGO which makes them to react for the positive and negative result.

In my past EGO I lived a life as House wife and who is more concern about family health and always cooks organic related foods. advice people to follow the healthy life style. This was my past Ego, Presently my ego image is working women, who is much busy in office and house. Supporting husband and trading money for the time. Calculating the budget and thinking about children education. In my future my ego think about independent and starting the venture with my son to live life of natural and away from the corporate races.

As the called sumathi, the myth evolved in the earth and created an Image on everyone. In this big universe many more myths are comes to evolve and every mints its start to also change. so don't carry your ego and just live the present moment like animals.



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