Village women story from Version 1 to Version 2 !

Life is Simple shared by Digital Farmers Marketing Specialist !

Like many people I also had to write blog and thinking about Crammer and sentence making mistakes. As i just want to come out of this same time and want to improve it. so making this blog and also its part of my digital deepak internship assignment. I will be sharing my life journey so i dont need to think much about content and write and wrong terms.

Now a days everyone are busy in their life but very few people think about the others issue as their own challenge. As daily life one of the parts of all Human is food. The Demand of the food never goes down but the same time farmers never earn as per his effort. So have to change this . My journey start this as my goal.

Farmers are producing and ts getting wasted because of no proper infrastructure to store and supply. Even some one doing its o, the price can nt affordable for many. So the solution is to connect local farmers and buyers directly at least 50% so the price can be on control of farmers and buyer not any third party corporate. So started supporting individual farmers and helped them to reach local buyers easy and fast. this way Price of crop is very much less. Many people are think How the city people will survive. As the situation makes people will leave happy and indolently in village,the crowd in the city can be controlled. As the farmers gets marginal income then support to the city also can be extended by volunteers in terms of offering them lands for the farming.

She is from small Village with the background of farming with a simple dream to become a independent in life. As from her childhood she always tried to act independently, which makes her to stand out of crowd some time. when she was in 5th standard her family had some hard situation we started going to Textile work in school leave time. and what ever she earned on that month, she used that for her school expense and uniform, that time the feeling about being independent makes me to breath feel and proud of my self inside. Then journey started as in the age of 13 , started selling vegetables before and after schooling , this made me to come out of my comfort Zone. As that age everyone had a feeling about shy and feeling like others are watching us always , if i sell vegetable what others think about me and what about my self respect all feeling i had. But started learn about how to motivate yourself such situation. even though had some criticism and feeling, Just pushed myself one step further. Other side her mom had health issue which is not giving her happy mindset and started worrying about the life with many discomfort-able. I started believe from that age, Health is something which is very much important then money. Money can be earned as much us you can f you have good health and mind set. This feeling becomes the parts of my blood and flush started avoiding as much as paced food item.

Then she started a college life with many expectation from her family as she is the one who is lead for her family. as like many other she also entered engineering with many dream. as usual how Tamil medium students face challenge about learning English and understanding English,she had same challenge. But her surrounding and friends supported a lot to come out from the situation. One the major support is to ask help to the friends without prejudgement. Do help to others who need support in mates and Engineering Drawing. So had a good circle and made a positive vibration around.

From second year on wards department wise separation was their and as she took electrical and electronics engineering the Girls strength is almost in single digit only. So this again pushed her to perform well in many factory. then she was a Department Caption, motivate their junior to participate in the games. At last keeping the minimum strength , they won a medal and felt like Best performance of the year. When you are having certain roles and responsibility takes to mold yourself for the better performance about next version of yourself.
then final year started and as usual placement training and Communication practice makes us to feel uncomfortable again. started learning about world politics and aptitude. Atlast selected in a company and with more happy memories passed out from college.
Then again started the second cycle of my life in to Master degree, as i started hear the company who recruited had some issue and they closed the company. so lost the hope and felt like doing something which is practical and should be related to business sector. so applied for the MBA in Indian Institute of Planning and Management, Bangalore.

As in India especially girls gets very less support for doing higher studies especially traveling other district and studying is very had for the girl. But My family are very supportive and they compromised many things in their life for my education. Keeping all this on my heart went to Bangalore for the higher study.With help of one of known person found the college and started searching for the room. As the college shown the independent house which is very hard for me to maintain. Because new house set up and monthly rent all are more difficult for me. then with help of that same person found a Hostel in Koramangala area near to college. Then had a good friends in College and hostel and performed well in college and Improved my communication lot as i was so commitment to improving my language. everyday minimum one hour i read new paper loudly without bothering about others what they think about me. At last got a job with 15000 Rupees as i want to work in small scale firm to learn a lot. then One year got married then shifted to Dubai with dream of finding my career again. But god had different plan on me and become a mom for Boy and as usual women started complaining about my situation and surrounding. Then understand i m the one who is responsible of myself, so started making eCommerce website for the organic cooking oil in Dubai and started speaking to farmers directly. Same time my MBA senior also was doing same, so asked his support in terms of supply. As Indian mind set always looks for the others suggestion, so one of the person told don't stat business, as you have to invest a lot and its risky , just go for a job. As his word and his own story made me so scary, then after few months one day night applied for the job Received a email for the interview and atlas selected for the work from home for the Website and application development company. Then received a call from company again from other firm for the Digital Marketing Opening, but that is where i have to travel to office. As y kid was just 2 and half year ol left him to one of known person and went to job. after 2 month she went vacation, one of my other friend is watching and she told she can not take care of him. then with literately i was crying in the road carrying my son on my hand and my sons tells don't cry amma. One side my dream and other side my baby with heavy heart the same day booked a ticket to India to leave my son to my parents . Almost 6month i left my son and everyday when I see y son video I feel like Hugging him sitting in my Cab. Keeping the Eye drops inside y eye and started counting y days to see him.

Then went to work and parallel requested one of my fiend who is well capable of talking care of kids and understand the kids started her baby sitting. I happily left him their and everyday i come back from office just to see his happy smile. His smile is my fuel. As day passes My Husband started supporting me understating myself.

I want to start Business and Work independently and spend more time with my family. so started leaning digital marketing from Digital Deepak and joined part of his training. Its was my life changing emolument when i listen to his first video and assignment. He is giving more then 100% returns to his students. so when ever i feel tired and lazy i just remember his few words and start back to the form.

As I was into farming background and knows about challenges in it, helping them to reach to their end user. As agricultural is not some thing when you investment more, you will be earned more. You have find the crop of the month then which is suitable to land and from tat which is having ore and less demand. Don’t ever choose the crop which is having government support, because every farmer will cultivate the same, at last the cultivation time farmers gets very low price for the Crop, because of the high supply and low demand. Always choose the crop which is having less price now so in 3 month period that crop demand ill increase, farmer can get reasonable price for is crop.

As a farming consultant and Digital Marketing Guider connecting the Buyer and farmer directly to cut down the any channel. And advising farmers o supply locally lt then supplying on long distance.

Would like to hear many more successful farmers journey in coming days from her organization.


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sumathi palanisamy

Simple women who would ike to support Farmers to reach their product to end user as quick as posibel with affortable price.